List of videos

Query parameters

q - Free search query.

page_size - How many items per page. If set to 0 it will list all items. Default is 50 items.

ordering - Order results by specified field. Prepend a minus for descending order. I.e. ?ordering=-id.

creator__email - the email of the video's creator

framerate - the framerate in hz * 1000

has_tono_records - if the tono flag is set (true/false)

is_filler - if this is a filler video (true/false)

name - the exact name/title of the video

name__icontains - substring is part of name/title of the video

organization - Frikanalen ID of organization behind video

played_count_web - the number of times this video was played on the web

played_count_web__gt - greater than

played_count_web__gte - greater than or equal

played_count_web__lt - less than

played_count_web__lte - less than or equal

publish_on_web - if this video is published ont the web (true/false)

proper_import - if the uploaded video was properly imported (true/false)

ref_url - the exact reference url

ref_url__startswith - the reference url start with this string

ref_url__icontains - the reference url contain this string

GET /api/videos/?format=api&offset=3700&ordering=-framerate&page=2
Content-Type: application/json
Vary: Accept

    "count": 3381,
    "next": null,
    "previous": "",
    "results": []